Monday, February 4, 2013

TAG : you're it

السلام عليكم "

i have been tagged by ( Dashinista ) and ( the artistic hands ) looool lucky me ^_^

lat's start with ( Dashinista ) quesions :

1- the weirdest fact about you ?
i am obsessed with shoes ^_^

2- if you could live in the universe of any TV show , movie m or book m which would you choose ?
ammmmm i think i will choose ( i do , i do ) it's korean drama about shoes holic ^_^

3- when is your favoite time of day ?
i think it's will be after 11 pm

4- what's your favoite make up brand ?
M.A.C is my favoite brand at all times ,, but these days i am in looove with ( benefit )

5- what's your most have clothes item ?
i think it's ( black dress )

6- which item do you like to spend money on ?
shooooose and baaaags

7- you can't sleep without ?
my favoite bellow ^_^

8- favoite treat to eat ?

9- if you can have a super power , what would it be ?
reading maids ^_*

10- what are you looking forward this year ?
starting my own business

11- if you could ask me any quesion, what would you ask ?
what's your favoite lipstick ??

now to the artistic hands  ( wafa ) quesions :

1- What's your favorite quote?
''when you teach a man, you teach an individual .when you teach a women ,you teach a family''
Coco Chanel

- One electronic device you can't live without?
iphone for sure

- Bright or nude lips?

- Your favorite shoes brand?
christian louboutin $_$

- What would you do if you had a million riyals?
shooooooooopping <<<< i know i am crezy

- What do you order from Starbucks?
ice chocolate with caramel

- Something you wish its not forbidden in Islam?

- What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever received from someone? and given to someone?
befor 3 years my mam give me D&G bag , and i give my sister a laptop

- Do you believe in zodiac? ( I do! tell me what's your sun sign so I can judge you lol)
But I really do not believe this

- Has a song ever made you cry? If yes, which one?
there is a lot of songs make me cry :(

 - Your favorite skincare tip?
scrap , scrap , scrap

now i will ask ^_^
1- In any room in the house you spend most of your time ??
2- what's your favorite lipstick by M.A.C ??
3- what was your dream when you 10 years old ??
4- if there someone you care about him crying , what you gonna do ??
5- did you ever make someome happy ?? and how ??
6- if u have to live with one color in your life ?? what would you choose ??
7- if u have to live in another country ?? what would you choose ??
8- what's your favorite song in 2012 ??
9- what you prefer Italian food, Chinese, or Arabic ??
10- if there is Action movie and Romance one and Comedy ?? What will be your choose ??
11- what's the last make up itmes that you purchase ??

i will tag


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