Monday, December 10, 2012

my favorite jewelry pieces for fall & winter ,,

السلام عليكم "

اليوم رح اوريكم أكسسواراتي المفضلة في الخريف والشتاء ^_^ بالعربي لبستها كثيييير خلال الفترة اللي فاتت وحلبتها أكتر بالأيام الجاية

today i will show u my favorite jewelry pieces for fall & winter  ^_^ i just wear it alot in the past a few weeks

i will start with necklace "
 statement necklace by H&M
It's the greatest piece I have so far

 studded gold necklace from a random store

 statement gold necklace by NEWLOOK

I have no idea what it's called but i take it as a statement piece

 a gold triangle earring

 black flowers earring

 Turquoise Bracelets One square and the other circular

spike Bracelet by NEWLOOK

 white & gold flowerl ring

Tiger ring by H&M
my favorite ever

ووووبس ^_^ وروني أكسسواراتكم المفضلة هنا أو على تويتر
and thats it ^_^ show me your favorite jewelry pieces here or on TWITTER

أتمنى يكون البوست خفيف ويعجبكم :)
hope u like the post :)


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