Friday, December 21, 2012

Fashion Friday : LOVE PINK

السلام عليكم "

إن شاء الله كل جمعة رح أنزل الفاشن فرايدي ^_^ وكل جمعة حيكون لون مختلف ؛)
en sha alla every friday i will post ( Fashion Friday ) and every friday will be a different color

Lat's start with my favorite color

i think it's the favorite color for every girl ^__^

 i loove the whole outfit

 cute dress

 loooove the peplum

 cute mini skirt


 looove the pink with the Yellow

 i liked the Turquoise necklace with the pink shirt

 OMG it's sooooo cute

 loooove it

 i think it's ( Candy Yum-Yum ) by MAC

 cuuuuuuute :( i wish that i can make arm candy like this

looooove the Scarf ^_^ I'm not sure, but I think it's Versace

في الأخير رح أحط لكم قطع كيوت وأماكن شرائها ^_* أتمنى تعجبكم
In the end I will put a cute Pieces and places to buy ^_^ hope u like it

1 /  forever 21
3 /   bershka
4 /  forever 21
5 /   newlook
6 /   newlook

that's it ^_^ hope u Enjoy


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  1. كل القطع جميلة يافاتنة
    واللون جميل جداً