Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#CosmopolitanChic style challenge

hi all 

today I will show u  what outfits would I wear if I'm gonna spend an entire day at The Cosmopolitan, from brunch in the morning, to dinner at a fancy restaurant, to a night out with your friends at the Marquee night club,

so I'm gonna start with outfits for brunch in the morning ^_^ 

these two outfits are more then perfect for a prunch with ur girlfriends 

*the first one is great at summer days .. stripe high- low dress with  hot pink cross body bag 

* the second outfit is more girly and fresh .. cream flowy dress with mini floral bag and peachy heels


now its time for dinner at a fancy restaurant

For me it's always about my desire to be the most attractive girl in the place 

* the first outfit is super elegant & bold at the same time .. that neon skirt will Draw attention for sure ^_^ and I pair it with sexy black crop top to show A little bit of skin

* the second outfit is more Mature I guess .. royal blue play-suit with Metallic Silver clutch and for sure I will not forget to add some eye-catching yellow earrings ..


Finally, I will spend the rest of the night at the club with my girls ^_^

these two outfits is sexy & edgy so I think it's just made for clubs ^_^ 

* the first outfit is super edgy and bold .. twisted black skirt will show some skin in elegant way pairing with Sparkly flowy crop top .. clear clutch with gold accent and of course I cant forget to add bold gold jewelry ..

* the second outfit also has a gold accent .. crop corset top in white with simple pencil skirt and gold jewelry ..

so thats it for #CosmopolitanChic style challenge
hope u liked it ^_^ and have a great day 

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