Sunday, September 7, 2014

Get Ready With Me ( Sponsored by Splash & Iconic )

Hi All
hope u doing well ^_^ 

this post Sponsored by Splash & Iconic 

i really really love these brands cuz there is sooo many styles in one store 
also the prices is available for everyone 

so lets start the actual post ^_^ 

before 2 weeks i had a private event
and this is what I was wearing ^_^ 

Top << Iconic 
Skirt << Splash

necklace << jwan closet 
heels << ebay 
bag << forever21 


for the makeup ^_^ 

this is the details 




and this is the look that I was looking for 
but with a little pink sparkle in the enter corner 

and this is similar to what i did with my hair ^_^ 

but sure my hair is a little bit shorter and darker ^_^ 


thats it dolls 

hope u like this post 

have a great day